We show the way and follow the journey of your project.

Our customers often refer to Zeps as a problem-solving company.

It is something that we build by the way we relate to our customers, always exceeding expectations and being business partners. Our project scopes are usually comprehensive, because we follow our customers’ challenges throughout their journey and we have experience to direct and connect different areas of knowledge so that projects receive the support they need.

Our customers see us as partners, because they know they can count on us to share their ideas, goals and dreams and that they will receive plans to make it all feasible in return.

We like clients who bring us different challenges, who make us study and stimulate our creative capacity.

Inspirados por ideias, movidos pela transformação.

Our values, our compass.


Facing everything as if it were the first time. Our experience gives us alternatives to solve the challenges, but the humbleness of "knowing that I know nothing" allows us to listen more carefully and avoid judgments that prevent us from seeing what our client really needs.


Transformation moves us. It makes us study and propose solutions. We believe that by making our clients' projects viable, we can generate positive social impact and promote changes that affect the entire population.


We started as a family business and we maintain a welcoming, respectful and empathetic treatment in all our relationships. Customers, employees and partners receive the same affection and dedication that guided us in the creation of Zeps.