Building a new vision of patient-centered care

When we need health care we go through a moment of vulnerability and everyone who takes part in this period, patients and health professionals, is sensitive to this. 

Our mission is to bring out person-centered care through engagement and experience, as we want to generate value, care and compassion for patients, their families and professionals.

For this purpose, we carry out transformations in processes, vision and culture through projects which are geared towards providing experience for all the people involved.


What matters to you?

A simple question that provides a lot of food for thought.

The global movement What Matters to you? promotes the pillars of patient-centered care.

Zeps, as a partner in this project in Brazil, helps to publicize and implement this movement in hospital institutions to transform the relationship between patients and staff.

Experience transformation consulting

Strategic planning focused on developing improvements in the patient experience and based on the user journey through Design Thinking and Open Innovation interventions focused on redesigning processes, increasing patient perception, encouraging empathy and engagement.

Blueprints: bringing about the purpose of institutions

Mediation of collaborative creation of manuals with guidelines for areas within health institutions.

Through a cycle of workshops, we review the purposes of the institutions to make them concrete so that the related areas can experience this in their daily lives.

Ready to take healthcare to the next level?